skateboard furniture for your home

Welcome to Sitflips Web shop. We are an unconventional furniture Label located in Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.

Out of the South-Tyrolean Alps, surrounded by marvelous mountains, we transform the creative energy of skateboarding into compelling design projects.

The Sitflip skateboard chairs are unique pieces of Art. They are objects at the intersection between Design and Art - functional pieces of furniture, three-dimensional sculptures and in the case of the "Tre" autonomous artworks at your favorite spot on the wall.

We are constantly working on new projects. Sustainability and an eco-friendly approach are at the base of every new product. Through our designs we always try to tell a story. Design, for us, isn’t just the fulfillment of functional criteria.

Narrative elements – the story behind the object – makes our furniture stand out.The Sitflip is also thought as a platform for emerging Artists wanting to express themselves on an unusual and innovative medium. Using the decks as canvases, the "Tre" skateboard chairs are rendered unique by picking up the general theme of telling stories – every one of our artists interprets the Sitflip through his eyes and his very own visual language.

With our pieces of furniture we bring the lifestyle of skateboarding into your interior.

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