Ray Moore x Sitflip

Tre - "Artist series" - skateboard stool

Ray Moore’s new Artwork for the Sitflip is a dedication for the 40th anniversary of hip hop. As a keen listener of hip hop and rapper he has a close relation to texts. Words, texts and rhymes are an integral part of his artworks. This piece is dedicated to two of the grandfathers of hip hop: Kool DJ Herc and Afrika Bambaataa. It is a tribute to this vital and influential music scene.

Dimensions (as chair): 75 x 40 x 72 cm Dimensions (wall): 75 x 70 cm


The average delivery time may vary depending from the country you reside in. Within Europe, average delivery time is 5 working days.


Every Sitflip Tre package contains three handmade wooden wall display sets where you can easily hang the decks.

The Sitflip Tre comes shipped flat with maximum care in custom made packaging.

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