The Sitflip is thought as a platform for emerging Artists related with the Street Art scene. The "Tre - the artist series" means a form of expression on a unusual and innovative Medium. Therefore we work closely together with the Artists. The skateboard chairs are rendered unique by picking up the general theme of telling stories – every Artist interprets the Sitflip through his eyes and his very own visual language.


Artists x Sitflip


Sandro Asiatiani

Sandro Asatiani is a painter, illustrator and graphic novelist. In his comics he studies the relation between the individual and the society.

1972 born in Tbilisi / Georgia, lives and works in Tbilisi.

Olivier Binamé aka Oli-B

Oli-B is a painter, illustrator and street-artist from Brussels, Belgium. It is impossible to pin him down on a particular media: he works with various techniques and expresses himself through digital artworks, paper, canvas, wood or walls. The organic language he uses reflects the hustle and bustle of big cities, the flow of the urban jungle: the panopticum of human life all finds expression in his colorful, fluid and balanced artwork.

Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Oli-B x Sitflip


Boicut is an illustrator, graphic designer and artist. He loves to paint on all sorts of materials, no matter if it’s a water heater, some random piece of wood, a bike frame or a shabby wall. He likes handmade stuff and likes to customize things.

In his works he combines all sorts of patterns with weird characters and tries to reflect on the surroundings of the artwork.

Born 1983, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Boicut x Sitflip

Mel Lucy Bruneel

Mel Lucy Bruneel, studying liberal visual arts in Antwerp, is a beginning artist. In her current work she examines the correlation between color, atmosphere, memory and philosophy. She shows a thin line between – the poetic, dramatic – art of painting and – a flat, almost abstract form of – graphic design and illustration.

1994 born in Antwerp / Belgium, lives and studies in Antwerp.

Mel Lucy Bruneel x Sitflip


Thiago Goms

Thiago takes his inspiration from extensive strolls through whatever urban environments he finds himself in. Particularly the City of São Paolo was of great influence for the evolution his work. High-rises, murals, bright colors – all those urban elements contribute to the formation of his art-works.

Born 1984, lives and works in São Paulo.

Thiago Goms x Sitflip

Tatjana Hardikov

Tatjana Hardikov is a fine arts painter. Her works revolve around the transparency of the human matter. Chemical and emotional processes within our bodies are visualized through different techniques and on various media.

1977 born in Zagreb / Croatia, lives and works in Vienna.

Interview with Tatjana Hardikov

Tatjana Hardikov x Sitflip

Ray Moore

Ray Moore is an artist, producer, director and creative. He loves music. He likes to inject language into his work by using elements of the hip hop culture.

When you stumble over words or phrases in his works, it’s most likely they come from him, free-styling over some instrumental tunes he listens to while painting.

Born 1971 in Brookhaven / US, works and lives in Munich.

Ray Moore x Sitflip

Stefan Rauter aka 2ter

Stefan Rauter is a graphic illustrator, fanZine creative and comic designer. His visual language is intriguing, playful and humorous – but – never harmless.

His first contribution for the Artist Series was made live during Sitflips Pechakucha presentation at the Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria. Done in 6 min. 44 sec.

1980 born in South Tyrol / Italy, lives and works in Vienna.

2ter x Sitflip


Karina Toledo

Karina Toledo is a street-artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Drawing and painting is a passion she pursues since her early childhood. Since 2012 she extends her drive to create towards new media such as city walls and shopping shutters. In her murals she combines characters of her fantastic imaginary with a reflection of daily reality.

Born 1989, lives and works in São Paulo.

Karina Toledo x Sitflip

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